4-Piece Humboldt Premium Herb Grinder

$ 40
Color: Black

Our 4-piece Humboldt Premium herb grinder is a fan favorite here at Humboldt Clothing Company. Grind up the finest herbs, and take your smoking experience to the next level with these high-quality herbal grinders.  

  • ALL ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION - Made from aircraft grade aluminum, cut on the latest CNC machines for a perfect design, sharpest teeth and lasting durability.
  • ANODIZED for smooth finish, meaning no wear or smudge marks.
  • SHARP METAL TEETH - Anodized aluminum diamond shaped grinding teeth that can get through the densest material.
  • STRONG MAGNET - Powerful Neodymium Magnets keep the lid in place and the herbs inside, so you can take it on the go without worrying about it opening.
  • REALLY COOL STORAGE BOX - Makes a great gift. 
  • PROTECTIVE BAG - You can store your grinder discretely in the soft velvet storage bag.
  • PLASTIC POLLEN SCRAPER - Makes it easy to collect the fine Pollen and clean the grinder 
  • MESH SCREEN - Small size screen to make the best quality pollen fall through to the bottom storage area.  

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