Hacky Sack Footbag

This is a custom Hacky Sack Footbag with the Humboldt Treelogo screen printed on it. The footbag is Hand made with Japanese Amara, a super soft and fuzzy yet durable synthetic suede material using grey, white, blue and purple panels. This high-quality footbag will provide hours of fun, and improve co-ordination.  Practice your footwork with this professional hacky sack. 

The Sand/Pellet Combo filler is AMAZING! Each one of these hacky sacks is about 60% - 65% full with a mix of part sand / part perfect plastic filler. The perfect hybrid between two favorites, these footbags are very easy to stall and bust moves with, but have great pop. Not too heavy, not too light, they are effortless to kick and pass like a dream, but stall on a dime when you're ready to throw in some moves. The idea behind this combo is that they still have the soft feeling of sand, but are a bit more full than sand only filling or the design style required a bit more filling to make them perfect.

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