Humboldt Treelogo Silicone Slab Container

Check out the Humboldt Treelogo Silicone Slab Container. Our line of Humboldt Treelogo Silicone Containers for concentrates has expanded with the new Mini Slab from Divider Pro featuring our signature Humboldt Treelogo. This mini slab container is .5" deep, giving plenty of room for your wax, concentrate, or rosin. Outside dimensions are 2.5" x 3"

Medical Grade Non Stick Containers from Divider Pro specialize in providing the safest and most efficient way to store your concentrates. The airtight design will keep your material fresh. Don’t settle for food grade containers that are unsafe and degrade your material, or having to store several strains in more than one container. Divider Pro has containers made of the most durable silicone in the world.

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