Humboldt Dog Training Clicker

$ 4.95

Humboldt Dog Training Clicker will be a great training tool when you are working with your dog or puppy.  When you use clicker training, it is a marker, or form of reward. This is a type of positive reinforcement dog training.  It allows you to mark the exact moment in time when your dog does what you ask.  It takes too long for us as humans to speak quickly enough to mark when a dog shows us the behavior we are looking for.  So by using this clicker, you can get the exact timing needed which is essential for your dog learning.  immediately after making the click sound you will want to give your dog a reward, like a tasty high value treat.  As you condition the dog to the clicker, they will begin to pay atttention to you waiting for the clicking sound, so they can get their next dog treat.  

Dog trainers around the world use a pet clicker tool to quickly reward the correct behaviors.  Get started with clicker training today by ordering this K9 Training tool. 


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