Humboldt Treelogo Backpack Black-Green

$ 64.95

This amazing Humboldt Treelogo Backpack is the perfect backpack for taking on a fabulous hike in the forest. It has the Humboldt treelogo embroidered on the front, plus the Stayfresh Tree is embroidered on the front pocket.  Our exclusive styled backpack will be a fan favorite for school, concerts, hiking, biking, skateboarding and whatever other adventurous activities you have in your plans. 

There is a total of 4 zipper pockets and endless possibilities for storage of your laptop, books, survival gear, and other accessories.  The pocket on the top of the backpack is perfect for the smalller items like your phone, keys, wallet, etc.  There is an area to store your pencils and pens on the front pocket.  Side pocket is great for smaller items when you need easy access.  

This is the ultimate backpack for airplane travel, so you can visit your favorite destinations.  Its easy to coordinate with your Humboldt Clothing apparel collection.  Hit the Add to Cart button now so you can show off your eyecatching Humboldt backpackwhere you go.   


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