Humboldt Dog Rope Leash-GRN-BLK-GRY

$ 25

The Humboldt Dog Rope Leash is made of the best quality durable climbing rope, and is long lasting.  Woven label is sewn onto the handle with the Humboldt Clothing Company Logo so you and your pet can rep your favorite brand.  This will be a great addition to your dog accessory collection, and is excellent for dog training, walking, or jogging. The leash will keep your furry friend at a close distance to you for all your daily adventures. The color is Turquoise, Purple, and Green . The leashes are approximately 4' in length, not including the handle, which is a great balance between freedom and control.  This is great to use with a variety of dog collars, such as a buckle collar, quick release collar, harness, prong collar, martingale collar, or a gentle leader style walker.   



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